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Theme Park Animatronics

Distortions has an amazing line of theme park animatronics and animated props for attractions, mini golf courses, water parks, Halloween event, haunts and more. We also can work with you creating your concept and can take a project from start to finish, through design, sculpture, paint, and finish. We have amazing animated characters such as dragons, gargoyles, giants, pirates, talking trees, and much more. Some our our characters are scary, some family friendly, some funny, all amazing!

Angel of Death Angel of Death
Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2751
Impressive Angel of Death, Grim Reaper animatronic stands 12 ft. tall! Includes LED Lit Eyes, (2) LED Lights at Base, Fog Machine and Digital Control and Sound.  Requires AC Power and Air Compressor..
Attack Alligator
Ships 3-4 weeks
Model: DU 1107
Realistic 12 ft. long Attack Alligator Animatronic chomps and charges out 3 to 4 feet. Foam filled latex skin with metal armature.  Includes controls and sound.  Requires AC Power and compressed air...
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Model: DU 1994
Grumpy Gargoyle's little friend. Bo-Bo is a quirky little dude that looks around as he “talks.” He Is sold as a stand-alone unit or as a companion for Grumpy Gargoyle. The video below shows Bo-bo with our Sleeping Giant. ..
Colossus Colossus
New Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2765
Colossus Animatronic Prop Colossus is our new giant character standing over 11 feet tall! It turns out that our SLEEPING GIANT has a 'smarter', more stately cousin … COLOSSUS!  When sitting, he is 8 ft. tall and stands up to a giant 12 ft. tall.  Colossus includes all controls and st..
Demon Fury Demon Fury
New Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: 2766
Demon Fury Demon Fury is a disturbingly scary giant animatronic by Distortions! This monster is expertly handcrafted at Distortions and made to last. It is a perfect center piece attraction to a dark walk thru, haunted house, or Halloween horror event. This monster will have your guests wide eyed a..
Electric Gargoyle Electric Gargoyle
Ships in 2-3 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 15001
Electric Gargoyle Animatronic Very impressive Animated Gargoyle ... ALL ELECTRIC, no compressor needed!!  Perfect for rentals, parties, store displays and haunted attractions.  This Gargoyle is over 7 ft. tall from the bottom of his pillar to the top of his wing tips, but is s..
Evil Tree Evil Tree
Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2470
Evil Tree Talking AnimatronicEvil Tree talking animatronic for Halloween, haunt, and theme parks. Massive animatronic tree that moves its limbs and talks. The height of Evil Tree is 9' 6" tall, from limb tip-to- limb tip is 13'. It includes red LED lights in eyes, sound, controls. Ships fre..
Fire Breathing Dragon
Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 1815
Brilliant animatronic dragon, turns it head and opens its mouth. Includes digital sound, controls, and fog. Excellent sculpt and hand painted in our studio...
Gargoyle Shock
Ships 3-4 weeks
Model: DU 2456
Gargoyle Shock Shocktronic What appears to be an animatronic gargoyle quickly comes alive as an actor in a gargoyle costume jumps out! Gargoyle Shock is sure to get some scares and laughs! Watch the scares and see for yourself. These Shocktronic is very effective and a lot of fun!..
Giant Skull Entry Giant Skull Entry
Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 3005
Striking Giant Skull Entry is designed to frame out a doorway. Impressive! Latex and foam with metal armature and plate. 7 ft. wide x 3 ft. deep x 14 feet high! The top skull can separate from the spinal supports and the metal bases for easier transport and storage. Perfect for haunted attractions, ..
Giant Troll
Ships 3-4 weeks
Model: DU 1983
Impressive Giant Troll!..
Gorilla In a Cage Animation Gorilla In a Cage Animation
Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2735
GORILLA IN A CAGE - This amazing and realistic piece tips its hat to the classic early monster/circus days.  Long, hand laid hair and a 48 x 48 x 90 all metal cage makes this prop stunning and durable.  Gorilla head tips side to side and forward as he bangs the bars of the cage.  Incl..
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