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Alien Props and Life Sized Alien Dolls for Sci-Fi Scenes, Halloween & Decorating

Alien props by Distortions Unlimited. Distortions has a variety of Alien themed products such as our life sized Alien Prop doll, Alien Autopsy Prop, Green Martian , Alien Death, Roswell Alien Prop mannequin and more. These Halloween and sci-fi themed props are made of quality materials crafted at Distortions Unlimited. 

9 products found in Alien Props

Alien Prop
  • $194.00
  • $68.00
Green Martian
  • $209.00
Alien Death
  • $198.00
Alien Autopsy
  • $238.00
Baby Creeton
  • $96.00
Roswell Alien Prop Display
  • $845.00
Chestburster Photo Op
  • $925.00
Resurrection Mask - Silarian
  • $250.00