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Alien Props and Life Sized Alien Dolls for Sci-Fi Scenes, Halloween & Decorating

Alien props by Distortions Unlimited. Distortions has a variety of Alien themed products such as our life sized Alien Prop doll, Alien Autopsy Prop, Green Martian alien prop, Alien Death prop, life size Roswell Alien Prop mannequin and more. These Halloween and sci-fi themed props are made of quality materials crafted at Distortions Unlimited. 

9 products found in Alien Props

Alien Prop
  • $239.00
  • $95.00
Alien Spider
  • $535.00
Alien Death
  • $239.00
Alien Autopsy
  • $319.00
Roswell Alien Prop Display
  • $995.00
JET Alien
  • $698.00
Invasion of the Saucer Men Display
  • $1,490.00
Invasion of the Saucer Men Bust
  • $950.00