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Distortions Unlimited Inflatable Attractions

Distortions Unlimited offers large walk through inflatable attractions and entry ways. The Giant, The Creature, The Skull inflatable entry and The Clown Inflatable entry! Please write us at for complete information and pricing

Distortions Unlimited Inflatable Attractions


The Creature is a giant inflatable walk through attraction, aprox. 25 feet high, 40 feet wide, and 150 feet long. Guests steps into the mouth of the creature and travel through the lungs, hearts, stomach, Intestine, and large intestine. The Creature sets up in hours, not weeks. Leave the drills and hammers in the shop. Set-up is designed to be quick, easy, and mobile. It is designed to run with as few as 2 operators or up to 7 or more depending on your guest demographics and impact desired. Six separate sections are fastened with quick couplers and velcro and has tethers for tie-down. The Creature inflatable sections are durable and with proper care should last 5 to 10 years. All components are top quality and floor vinyl is tough, designed for foot traffic. A big advantage of this attraction is storage space required and travel space is minimal. The largest of the six sections is 48" x 40" x 35" when collapsed and placed in duffle bag. Each section weighes 300-500 pounds and can travel in a Ryder type truck. Remember to always store dry! The vinyl is flame retardant and there are emergency exits every 25 feet. The lighting package comes with emergency lighting.


The Giant Inflatable walk through is a dramatic concept using state of the art inflatable technology, and elimanates many problems that plaque dark attractions. Due to the impressive size and visual impact of this attraction, it helps attract attention boosting your marketing effort. The Giant is an enormous "billboard" that generates attention, talk, and sales. 25 feet high x 70 feet high x 150 feet long. Designed to be set up in hours not weeks, and each of the 7 sections fold up into its own duffle bag aprox 42"X42"x48". These units come beautifully painted ready to be blown up and are made of a flame retardent vinyl with numerous emergency exits. Fast and easy to set up and take down. Guest enter through a head wound and explore the internal cavities and organs of this big brute. This attraction can be family friendly or scarier for teens and adults depending on the scares and decoration you place inside.



  • FAQ


Can These inflatables be used outdoors?

Yes, they are designed to be used outdoors, but is great indoors too. Care must be taken when it is windy (See question below.)

How well does it handle wind?

Generally They should not be used in winds greater than 30mph. Make sure all sections are securely staked down at all times, as even a small wind could cause damage and/or injury if they are blown over.

Is rain a problem?

It is best to leave them inflated during rain as it acts like a tent. Some water may need to be mopped up, especially by the exits.


Will the paint fade?

Like any paint, it may fade slightly in the years to come but should not be noticeable. The primary ‘base’ color is actually a custom PMS color that is created when the vinyl is fabricated so the color is permanent and impregnated into the vinyl.

Will the paint chip or peel?

No, the paint used on them is amazingly tough. The only way to get it off (short of chemicals) would be to scratch it off by scraping into the vinyl (so do not drag it across cement or asphalt upside down).


How long does it take to set up?

When The Creature™ arrives, initial set up will take 1 to 2 days with 2 to 4 people (running the electrical wires in the velcro sleeves, setting up sound and lighting, connecting inflatables and inflating). Set up time will vary and of course take longer the first time or two, but a good estimate would be 1 to 2 days with 2-4 people. After the initial set up, all electrical wiring remains in place during deflation, so the next time The Creature™ is set up, you only need to allow a day; again with 2-4 people.


How long does it take to walk through?

The Creature™ is 150 ft. long, but because of the mazes and obstacles approx. travel distance is 235 ft. Walk through will vary depending on how scared your guests are and how dark you make it, but 3 – 5 minutes is a good estimate.

The Creature™ is designed to put through 400 – 700 guests per hour. This amount will depend on spacing between groups and light levels inside (darker will slow down traffic, lighter will speed it up).


What if the inflatable gets a cut or tear?

The vinyl is reinforced and extremely strong so a cut or tear (unless deliberate) is unlikely. A cut will not deflate them (but it may sag slightly), so you can continue to run your event. At the end of the day, you can apply vinyl adhesive to the cut area and the same colored patch vinyl. Let sit with a weight on it for about 10 minutes and, you’re good to go. Sewing the edges later is also a good idea. There is also a special clear tape available for repairs.

How long will it last?

With proper care they should last for 5 to 10 years.

What about shoes? Won’t that hurt the vinyl?

They have a very heavy-duty vinyl on the floor and is designed to handle foot traffic with shoes. We do, however, recommend that if on a hard surface (such as cement or asphalt) that you put down canvas or vinyl before you set up to guard against small pebbles, etc.


The Creature™ Jr. is the same as his big brother except he comes without the heart section. He is approximately 125 ft. long x 40 ft. wide x 25 ft. high. The heart section can be added later is desired.


The fans require a 20-amp circuit each (depending on optional equipment inside an additional 2 – 4 20-amp circuits would be needed) 220 fans optional.


What product support do you offer?

We provide any setup assistance needed via our customer service line (970) 351-0100.


Do you provide marketing assistance?

Yes, we can provide any of the available images on disc or e-mailed directly to you. As an owner of The Creature™, you may use any of these materials at no charge to promote your Creature™. Also, you can contact us for information and consulting to maximize your marketing.


How much will shipping run?

Shipping of The Creature™ inflatable is FOB San Diego, CA;

6 pallets, approx. 4 ft. length x 3 ft. width x 3 ft. height each and approx. 500 lbs. each plus 8 fan boxes approx. 70 lbs. each.

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