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Shocktronics Haunted House Scares

Shocktronics are a thrilling line of scares by Distortions Unlimited. These are actor driven costumes that also incorporate animatronics and illusion to deliver the ultimate scare to your haunted house, event or theme park. Your guest will be screaming and then laughing! Featuring Shocktronics such as Zombie Shock, Demon Shock, Butcher Barrel our Zombie Breakout and much more.

9 products found in Shocktronics

Zombie Shock
  • $2,940.00
Butcher Barrel Shock
  • $2,680.00
Demon Shock
  • $4,390.00
Shock & Awe Illusion
  • $4,780.00
Gargoyle Shock Costume Only
  • $1,298.00
Gargoyle Shock
  • $4,390.00
Zombie Breakout Shock
  • $3,780.00
Zombie Outbreak Shock
  • $3,780.00
Zombie Outbreak/Breakout Shock
  • $6,850.00