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Halloween Decorations Outdoor

Many of our Distortions Unlimited customers use our Halloween props, animatronics, and decorations outdoors in their professional haunted houses, theme parks, events, and home yard haunts. The amount of wear and tear a prop will receive outside varying greatly depending on the geographical location, the weather, and the amount of time spent outside.  Our props are made of latex and foam filled and although they are often used outside, the sun and elements may degrade them over time.  However, we have compiled some tips if you plan to use your prop outside to help it last a long time. We take pride in using the highest quality materials and making monsters that last so that with proper care you can enjoy them for many years. 

- it's okay for props to get rained on, but don't let props SIT IN WATER.
- protect the power supplies, so they are not sitting in water.
- sandbag or stake down so they don't get blown over by the wind.
- make sure the prop is totally DRY before putting it away for the year. 
- sun damages latex over time so it may help the prop to spray it with Krylon UV Protectant Matte Clear Spray. Make sure you test it on a small part of the prop first to make sure that it does not change the coloring.

76 products found in Halloween Decorations Outdoor

Jack Widow
  • $535.00
Pumpkin Stalker - Over 8 Ft
  • $728.00
Haunted Tree
  • $848.00
Pumpkin Witch
  • $594.00
Jack Is Back
  • $594.00
Jack Attack Frightronic
  • $528.00
Pumpkin Patch Combo
  • $2,350.00
Death Rising
  • $549.00
Bound Corpse
  • $254.00
  • $554.00
Tipping Tombstone
  • $368.00
Gothic Gravestone
  • $368.00
Moving Monument
  • $368.00
Grave Buster Barb
  • $549.00
  • $594.00
Cracking Crypt
  • $549.00
Vampire Legend
  • $594.00
Edgar Allan Poe
  • $594.00
  • $178.00
  • $349.00
Jack Attack Prop
  • $349.00
The Monster Legend
  • $594.00
Mutant Legend
  • $594.00
Grizzly Gourd
  • $528.00