Distortions Unlimited Crew

Distortion Unlimited Monster Making Crew

Distortions Unlimited crew with evil pumkin patch prop scene 2022

Distortions Unlimited crew photo with Evil Pumpkin Patch props 2022

Here at Distortions we feel so lucky to be blessed with a great core crew that have been with us for so many years!

Below are some short profiles with some fun crew info!

Ed Edmunds and Marsha Taub Edmunds, Owners of Distortions

Distortions owners Ed and Marsha Edmunds with Gorilla Prop Display

Ed Edmunds 

 *Born in Kansas City and grew up in Long Grove, Il.

 *Favorite Distortions Products are Shake & Bake and the Monster of the Month line

 *Current favorite music is Spocks Beard, Flower Kings, Mostly Autumn

 *Favorite Movies, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Time Machine, Eraser Head, and he loves watching Documentary film

 *Roles at Distortions include Design, Painting, Sculpting, a little bit of everything including janitorial services

 *over 35 years in business!!

 Marsha Taub-Edmunds

 *Colorado Native

 *Favorite Product, Stone Master Gargoyle

 *Loves Lots of music including Pink Floyd, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Laurie Anderson, and anything with steel guitar

 *Graduated in Horticulture from CSU and has teaching certificate from UNC

 *Favorite movies, Eraser Head, The Jerk, and Documentary Film

 *Loves Plants and gardening

 *Roles at Distortions include Administration, Design, production, keeping everything rolling and being the official critic


Mike Glover, The Mechanic

Mike Glover at Distortions Unlimited  

 Mike Glover

 *Grew up on the farm

 *Past work experience includes farming and construction

 *Favorite Distortions Products include Shake and Bake and the Electric Gargoyle

 *Favorite music is classic rock and country

 *Roles at Distortions include mechanical, design, welding, tech support, problem solving

 *To work in his area you have to have knowledge of steel, tools, electrical, problem solving and know how to read a tape measure!

 * Over 20 years at Distortions!


Janene Johnson, Customer Support

Janene Johnson at Distortions Unlimited  

 Janene Johnson

 *Roles include customer service, shipping, cutting, tour guide

 *Born in Nebraska and raised in Greeley

 *She has two varments(kids)

 *Favorite movies include the original Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre

 * Some work highlights were talking to Dick Van Dyke and Alice Cooper

 * At Distortions for over 17 years!


Mon & Mando Molding Making and Pouring

Mondo and Mon moldmaking and pouring at Distortions Unlimited


 *Favorite Movies are Dances with Wolves and Robin Hood

 *Favorite Music Everything! Cumbia, Country, CCR, Eagles

 *Roles at Distortions Mold making, pouring, preparing products for paint, foam

 *Favorite Distortions products include Gorilla and Master Gargoyle

 *Born in GTO Mexico

 *Likes Chinese food, seafood, patron and beer

 *Over 15 years at Distortions!



*Mandos Brother!

*Favorite movie is Avatar

*Roles include Mold making and pouring

*favorite product is the Sleeping Giant

*Favorite foods Chinese, Mexican and Corona

*over 5 years at Distortions!


Adam & Ryan Taub, Video, Graphics, Production

Adam Taub and Ryan Taub at Distortions Unlimited

 Ryan Taub

*Roles include graphics, design, production

*Been around Distortions since childhood!

*Movie, Beetlejuice, The Jerk, Raising Arizona

*Favorite Distortions Product Snowbeast, Electric Chair, Pig Vomit

*Favorite Foods Sushi, Tacos, and steak

Adam Taub

*Born and raised in Colorado

*Favorite products include The Gargoyle Shock, Jack-o-licious, The Sleeping Giant

*Favorite movies are American Movie,  The Rocky series, The Jerk and Documentary film

*Roles include video, photography, web, and production

*Been around Distortions since childhood!


Tom Cassidy Sculpting, Paint

Tom Cassidy sculpting and painting at Distortions Unlimited

Tom Cassidy
* Grew up in Highlands Ranch Colorado 

* Sculpts, paints and a variety of other things at Distortions

* Discovered Distortions, SFX and mask making via Making Monsters TV show and had a latex shoulder dragon from DU as a kid.

* Have loved monster movies since I was a kid and tried making my first latex mask while making monsters was on air.

* Favorite movies are Godzilla, an American Werewolf in London, and Aliens 

* Favorite foods Pad Thai, Steak, and anything Cajun 

* Favorite DU pieces are the TRex, Alien Death, and Roswell Alien