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Distortion's online Halloween store features a large collection of Home Halloween Decor. Our unique selection of spooky Halloween props and animatronics are perfect to decorate your home with, whether indoor or outdoor. Included in this collection is an awesome selection of life-sized and large Halloween decorations including evil pumpkins, zombies, monsters, vampires, gargoyles, horror themes and much more. We have been making Halloween animatronics and props in the USA for over 40 years and take pride in providing high-quality, high-end, professional-level products for the home decorator. Our props our made of latex and foam with armatures and many people ask Can I use my prop outdoors?

- it's okay for props to get rained on, but don't let Halloween props SIT IN WATER.
- protect the animatronics power supplies, so they are not sitting in water.
- sandbag or stake down the prop so they don't get blown over by the wind.
- make sure the prop is totally DRY before putting it away for the year. 
- sun damages latex props over time so it may help the prop to spray it with Krylon UV Protectant Matte Clear Spray. Make sure you test it on a small part of the prop first to make sure that it does not change the coloring.

94 products found in Home Halloween Decor

Jack Widow
  • $535.00
Pumpkin Stalker - Over 8 Ft
  • $728.00
Pumpkin Witch
  • $594.00
Pumpkin Patch Combo
  • $2,350.00
Haunted Tree
  • $848.00
Jack Is Back
  • $594.00
Bound Corpse
  • $254.00
Edgar Allan Poe
  • $594.00
Dragon Legends
  • From $495.00
  • $554.00

Currently Unavailable

Jack Attack Frightronic
  • $528.00
Alien Prop
  • $239.00
Mutant Legend
  • $594.00
  • $584.00
Death Rising
  • $549.00

Currently Unavailable

Corpse Beheaded
  • $149.00
  • $289.00
T Rex Head Wall Mount Prop
  • $428.00
Zombie Beheaded
  • $149.00
  • $178.00
Fresh Beheaded
  • $149.00
Super Skull
  • $258.00
Billy Bite
  • $224.00
  • $349.00