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Severed and Halloween Head Props

Halloween severed head props, puppets, costumes and beheaded illusions by Distortions Unlimited. These cut off head Halloween props can be used in haunted houses, Halloween costumes, and themed attractions. This collection includes the Kirk severed head prop, corpse and zombie beheaded illusions, Headless Helga, Shock and Awe, The Alice Cooper Guillotine Head and much more. These high quality Halloween head props are made at Distortions Unlimited and are made to last!

8 products found in Severed Head Props

Alice Cooper Guillotine Head
  • $225.00
Corpse Beheaded
  • $149.00
Zombie Beheaded
  • $149.00
Fresh Beheaded
  • $149.00
Heather - Severed Head Prop
  • $129.00
Headless Horseman
  • $574.00
Headless Henry
  • $1,198.00
Shock & Awe Illusion
  • $4,780.00