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Gargoyle Props and Halloween Gargoyles

We craft a large variety of Gargoyle props, big and small, animatronic and static. These props are perfect for you Halloween, gothic, castle or haunt scene. If you are looking for an impressive static gargoyle to guard your space check out our Gargon Gargoyle Prop, Castle Gargoyle Prop, or Guardian Gargoyle Prop. If you are searching for a high impact moving gargoyle animatronics take a look at our Stone Master Gargoyle, Electric Gargoyle Animatronic or Gargoyle Shock. Our Gargoyle props are made our of latex and foam at Distortions Unlimited. 

13 products found in Gargoyles

Gargon Gargoyle
  • $179.00
Castle Gargoyle Prop
  • $259.00
Lion Head Plaque
  • $119.00
Stone Skull
  • $169.00
Guardian Gargoyle Prop
  • $238.00
Mr. Bubblebarf Gargoyle
  • $6,930.00
Pillar Prop
  • $389.00
Gargoyle Display
  • $1,875.00
Stone Gargoyle Display
  • $4,685.00
Electric Gargoyle
  • $3,620.00
Gargoyle Shock
  • $4,588.00
Grumpy Gargoyle
  • $6,650.00
Stone Master Gargoyle
  • $6,980.00