"Making Monsters Since 1978"
Huge Selection of Halloween and Themed Props!
Durable Halloween Props
We Craft Our Props and Animatronics to Last
Stunning Animatronics
Characters for Haunts, Halloween & Theme Parks
Handcrafted in the USA
We Do It All! Design, Sculpt, Mold, Paint and Sell!
"Making Monsters Since 1978"
Huge Selection of Halloween and Themed Props!
Durable Halloween Props
We Craft Our Props and Animatronics to Last
Stunning Animatronics
Characters for Haunts, Halloween & Theme Parks
Handcrafted in the USA
We Do It All! Design, Sculpt, Mold, Paint and Sell!

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Explore Distortions Unlimited products, including our Halloween props, animatronics, masks, decorations, and new 2024 items for sale

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New Props & Animatronics for Halloween 2024

Halloween 2024 is going to be wonderfully creepy and creative with our new Distortions Unlimited line of props and animatronics. These Halloween animatronics and props for 2024 join our already large collection of Halloween masks, props, Halloween animatronics, life size monsters, and decorations for sale in our online Halloween store. Our props are crafted out of quality materials at our studio in the USA. Check out our full Distortions online catalog to find your perfect Halloween prop! We take pride in making professional quality monsters that last!

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Featured Halloween Props, Masks & Animatronics

A collection of some of our most popular latex masks, props, puppets, standing displays and Halloween animatronics. From zombies to aliens, gore to cute, see the products that haunters, Halloween lovers, and monster fans can't get enough of. We've been making and selling high impact and durable haunted house props and Halloween props for over 40 years and we love what we do.

Liar Mask
  • $95.00


Dragon Legends
  • From $495.00


Pumpkin Witch
  • $594.00


Jack Widow
  • $535.00


Alice Cooper Guillotine Head
  • $225.00


Pumpkin Stalker - Over 8 Ft
  • $728.00

Corpse Beheaded
  • $149.00


  • $594.00

Displays and Props

Alien Prop
  • $239.00


Jack Is Back
  • $594.00


Mutant Legend
  • $594.00


Scare Wolf Legend
  • $689.00



Hear what people are saying about our Distortions Halloween and Haunt Props, Animatronics and Products

The best movie quality props that I have ever encountered. The owners are so awesome as well! Follow their story and you will be a fan forever.

Candy Dulxenia

COOLEST props and haunt gear around...Super detailed, affordable, great service all around. A fabulous company. Highly recommended.

Travis Bowling

Great products. Wonderfully pleasant owners.

Allison Wagg

The Lifesize Nasferatu/Count Orloc is absolutely incredible. I am just in awe...Not 5 but 10 stars all the way. I simply cannot wait for my next purchase.

Dale Flink

Distortions Unlimited has realistic high quality monsters and has been in business since the 1970’s with a high level of customer service! It’s my favorite place to buy Halloween!

Lisa Smedley

Creative and quality craftsmanship from the haunt industry legends! The nicest people make the most terrifying things!

Brian Sheridan

They are more than masters in the craft.Their products are great and I've learned so much by watching the youtube channel!!!!

Victor R Rivera

We always purchase new items every year to add to our Halloween decorations. We are very pleased with our new items and will be upgrading our current decorations to Distortions.

Audrey Munoz

These folks have put together fine masks, props and products for years! Highly recommended!

Scott Bever

Distortions produces absolute quality creations! However, so much more than the artistry shows in their product. These folks are some of the most down-to-earth, kind, dedicated people you could meet

Laurie Ann Umbdenstock
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"Making Monsters for Over 40 Years"

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Scary Halloween Pumpkin Patch

We have a big collection of Halloween pumpkin props and scary jack-o-lanterns for your evil pumpkin patch, home haunt, or Halloween yard scene.

New Halloween 2024 Props and Animatronics

Distortions Unlimited's collection of NEW 2024 Halloween props and Halloween animatronics.

Professional Halloween Animatronics

We offer a huge variety of professional Halloween animatronics and props for haunts, theme parks, and Halloween events

Life Size Alien Props

Realistic alien props and mannequins in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These life sized aliens are perfect for Sci-fi scenes.

Haunted House Props and Animatonics

Distortions Unlimited helped revolutionize the Halloween animatronic and haunt industry with our original Electric Chair animatronic, and we continue to provide cutting edge designs along with classic Halloween characters to the haunt and themed attraction industry. High impact Halloween animatronics and animated props for themed attractions!

Movie Quality Props

We have a variety of professional, movie quality props for collectors. This is Nosferatu, sculpted by Jordu Schell for our 2020 Distortions line.