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This collection features many a scary jack o lantern for your Halloween decoration needs. We have scary jack o lanterns, spooky pumpkins, and a variety of characters for your evil pumpkin patch needs. Our animatronics and props are used by professional haunted attractions, home haunts, Halloween enthusiasts and more. Some of our more popular scary jack o lantern props and Halloween pumpkin animatronics are Jack Widow, The Pumpkin Stalker, Grizzley Gourd, Jack Attack and Jack Is Back. Check out our online Halloween store for all our props and animatronics on sale.

11 products found in Scary Jack O Lantern

Jack Widow
  • $535.00
Pumpkin Stalker - Over 8 Ft
  • $728.00
Jack Is Back
  • $594.00
Pumpkin Patch Combo
  • $2,350.00
Jack Attack Frightronic
  • $528.00
Grizzly Gourd
  • $528.00
Headless Horseman
  • $574.00
  • $178.00
Jack Attack Prop
  • $349.00
Grizzly Gourd Prop
  • $349.00
Pumpkin Witch
  • $594.00