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Shocktronics are a thrilling line of scares by Distortions Unlimited

Zombie Outbreak Shock Zombie Outbreak Shock
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2479
Zombie Outbreak includes a moving animated fence panel, 2 animated zombies, and a static zombie plus sound. These zombies are hungry and want out. The fances moves back and forth giving the appearance that the zombies are shaking it. This animated scene can be used alone or paired with our Zombie Br..
Zombie Outbreak/Breakout Shock Zombie Outbreak/Breakout Shock
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2481
This Zombie shock includes both Zombie Outbreak and Zombie Breakout. Just when you think the zombies are safe behind the fence one breaks out for an unforgettable scare! Includes 3 animated zombies, one static zombie, 2 animated moving fences, a zombie costume, plus sound and lights. The costumed zo..
Zombie Shock Zombie Shock
Ships in 2-3 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2485
Zombie Shock is a great scare and will have people screaming, jumping, running, and laughing! Part actor and part animatronic, it's a Shocktronic! The animatronic arms swing and flail, convincing people its just an animatronic until the actor in the zombie costume bursts from the prop to scare them!..
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