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Scary collection of Haunted House Props made by Distortions Unlimited. These haunted house props are made to last out of quality materials and are perfect for Halloween and haunt decorating. Large collection of characters such as zombies, skeletons, vampires, gory horror props, monsters, aliens, demons, dragons, evil pumpkins and many more. Distortions has been creating haunted house props and animatronics for decades and we have a huge catalog to choose from!

62 products found in Haunted House Props

Minion Legend, The
  • $574.00
Mortal Remains Prop
  • $428.00
Headless Horseman
  • $574.00
Lullaby Prop
  • $428.00
Die Zombie Die Prop
  • $394.00
Wake Up Dead Prop
  • $378.00
Nightfright Prop
  • $419.00
ICU Prop
  • $678.00
Grim Death
  • $6,450.00
Alligator Display
  • $1,998.00
Wicked Wolf Display
  • $5,280.00
Angel of Death Display
  • $2,650.00
Stone Gargoyle Display
  • $5,400.00

Currently Unavailable

After Midnight
  • $574.00