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Halloween Decorations

A collection of Distortions Unlimited Halloween Decorations, props, and animated props. Distortions offers products to decorate your home, yard or business for Halloween, such as pumpkins, skulls, skeletons, zombies, gargoyles, classic monsters, horror props, corpses, alien props, severed heads, gore and more. People have been using our quality Halloween and haunt props to decorate everything from their professional haunted houses to there homes or retail spacse for decades. We build them so they last! Check out our online store for a variety of affordable and high end Halloween decorations made in the USA.

38 products found in Halloween Decorations

Brain Bowl Prop
  • $178.00
Moving Monument
  • $368.00
Affliction Prop
  • $349.00
  • $574.00
Rancid Prop
  • $468.00
Scary Carrie
  • $289.00
  • $95.00
Tombstone Prop
  • $219.00
Monument Prop
  • $239.00
Ancient Mummy
  • $289.00
Death Rising Prop
  • $368.00
Lullaby Prop
  • $428.00
Nightfright Prop
  • $419.00

Currently Unavailable

After Midnight
  • $574.00