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Halloween Animatronics

Distortions has for sale a huge variety of Halloween animatronics for haunted attractions, yard haunts, home decorating, and Halloween events. Our Halloween animatronics are high-quality and durable made out of professional quality materials. We have dozens of characters including zombies, skeletons, witches, monsters, gore, vampires, giant, creepy characters and much more. Check out our online Halloween store for all our Halloween animatronics for sale this year. Distortions Unlimited has been "making monsters" for over 40 years and we take pride in providing you with the best quality animatronics, props, masks, costumes and creations.

63 products found in Halloween Animatronics

Zombie Breakout Shock
  • $3,780.00
Zombie Outbreak Shock
  • $3,570.00
Zombie Outbreak/Breakout Shock
  • $6,850.00
T-Rex Animatronic
  • $7,680.00
Gargoyle Shock
  • $4,390.00
Evil Tree
  • $5,780.00
  • $7,800.00
  • $2,640.00
Giant Troll
  • $10,600.00
The New Spew
  • $5,400.00
Grumpy Gargoyle
  • $6,650.00
Hungry Gator
  • $4,590.00
Sleeping Giant
  • $14,750.00
Fire Breathing Dragon
  • $5,600.00

Currently Unavailable

Ancient Wizard
  • $2,180.00