Making Monsters TV Show Reruns - Where to Watch in 2021

Making Monsters Show Reruns

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Halloween season is coming up and its time to watch some Making Monsters reruns. Can you believe it's been almost 10 years since the first episode was aired? It was a great experience for us at Distortions and we are happy to learn that people continue to watch the reruns and that people keep finding our company through the show. We recently did a survey on our Distortions Unlimited Youtube channel asking people their favorite platforms to watch Making Monsters. Here is what we discovered

Where people are watching our Making Monster reality show reruns -

1. Amazon is by far the number one place people are watching

2. Discovery + recently added Making Monsters episodes 

3. Google Play

4. iTunes

5. Vudu

When the show aired on the Travel Channel originally here is how they described it.

"Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Ed Edmunds and his team at Distortions Unlimited create some of the scariest animatronics in the haunt industry."

Here is a video that was filmed by us, behind the scenes of Making Monster where Jordu and Ed talk and laugh about Eds classic Nocturnal mask and whether it is any good.

Below are some photos from the show -

Making Monsters TV show behind the scenes photo

Making Monsters photo, Distortions Crew including Jordu Schell and Mikey Rotella at conference table

Jordu Schell and Ed Edmunds filming the TV show Making Monsters as Jordu sculpts Alien

Behind the scenes of the Making Monster TV reality show on Travel

Behind the scenes of the Making Monster TV reality show on Travel