10 Latex Mask Care Tips (How to Feed & Care For Your Monster Mask)

10 Latex Mask Care Tips

With proper care your latex mask can last a long time! Collector mask value can be based on rarity, condition, desirability, emotional connection and ultimately what someone is willing to pay! There are a number of mask collecting communities you can join. Try joining some of the Latex Mask groups on Facebook or other sites. There is even a Distortions Collector Page!

Epic Shot of Darren Fowler's Mask CollectionDarren Fowlers Distortions Unlimited Mask Collection

Epic Shot of Darren Fowler's Mask Collection.

1. Keep your mask stuffed so it keeps it's form and does not develop creases. No need to over fill it and stress the latex though. If it has light creases already, stuffing it can help. Watch the neck so that it doesn’t fold when you place it in a box.

2. Keep you mask bagged when not displaying it. Ideally, use a clear bag

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun! This is very important as sunlight will degrade latex. Take this into account when deciding where to display your mask.

4. Store your mask in a cool, dark and dry location. Avoid storing it a place that has large temperature swings from hot to cold. We have seen masks last almost like new, for over 40 years when stored bagged and stuffed in a cool, dark place here in Colorado.

Distortions Unlimited Collector Mask Collection

Masks from Tristen Pence's Distortions Unlimited Collection

5. Avoid putting the latex under stress. It will eventually crack & tear. Don’t over stretch it to get on your head or a head bust. Careful not to bend high gloss eyes. If your mask is damaged there are ways to repair it and professionals that restore masks.

6. Your own sweat can damage a mask. Try to dry it out after you wear it. If you want to wear it primarily don’t worry, but if it is for to collecting then watch out for too much sweat and skin oil.

Masks from Tristen Pence's Distortions Unlimited Collection

7. For cleaning first dust it off. If needed, use water with a gentle soap like dawn. Do not scrub too hard and do a test first in a small area in the back. Consider using soft sponges and towels designed not to scratch.

8. Avoid Using Armor All or automotive clear coats for protection. Check with a professional mask collector or restorer before spraying your mask with something that could damage the latex.

9. Learn to love that latex smell of your mask, don’t try and get rid of it!

10. Join Mask communities online to connect with other masks lovers. Watch our Monster Labs on Youtube to get appreciation of how masks are made.

Latex Mask Collection

Dirk with Ed and Marsha and his DU Mask Collection

(Tips by Ed Edmunds, Darren Fowler, & Adam Taub)