Distortions Liar Mask History

In November we did a video collab with House of Masks on our Distortions Liar mask. In the video we covered some of the history and its use by the band Slipknot, and Ed showed how we make one of them. Its so interesting to follow a mask through its life and all the uses people find for it.

 Distortions Liar Mask

Ed found inspiration for the original Liar mask in the Greeley Tribune when he saw an article and photo of a French protestors using something like it. This was in the 90's and Ed recalls thinking the image was strange and many in the protest were wearing a mask that inspired what became our Liar mask. So Ed sculpted the Liar, which originally came with a pointed red hat. 

The mask took an unexpected turn in its history when the band Slipknot picked it up and began converting it to use in their stage shows and work. The personalized the masks, cutting them, adding stitching, metal rivets, zippers, paint and more. It was worn by members such a Chris Fehn and Brandon Darner.

Today, many people buy the mask and use it as is in addition to a large number of people who buy it to convert.