How to Make a Latex Mask in 10 Steps

How to Make a Latex Mask in 10 Steps

So you want to make your very own latex mask? Perhaps you would like to make your own Halloween mask, a mask for an event, theater or movie, or maybe you want to try your hand at professional mask making. We have been making latex masks and props for over 40 years here at Distortions and we wanted to provide an educational resource for those wanting to try their hand at latex mask making.

1. Come up with a mask idea and design - half mask, ¼ full. The character, sketch, look at other peoples work. Do you want to display it? Does it need to fit your head, move, will it have hair, eyes cut out, breathing and hearing. Think about these things before. Do you want a monster? Cartoon. See some of the masks we have made over the years.

2. Gather your mask making materials and set up your space

3. Prepare your armature or bust

4. Sculpt the mask out of clay

5. Mold Making

6. Pour and Pull the Mask in latex

7. Trim and Prep the Mask

8. Paint the Mask

9. Finish the Mask with hair, gloss, cloth

10. Show your Mask off

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