Custom Creations

Distortions Unlimited Custom Design & Creations

In addition to our full catalog of amazing Frightronics, animatronics, Halloween props, masks, costumes, & displays, Distortions Unlimited offers a range of custom design and creative service options to suite your needs. For questions about our custom services or to receive a quote contact us by email Bring your idea to life. Check our our gallery below for a sample of our work!

Distortions crew with Day of the Dead Skeleton

Distortions Unlimited Crew with custom modified Day of the Dead Skeleton

Distortions Unlimited has been in business “Making Monster” since 1978 and we have been doing custom built work just as long. We have designed and created a vast array of custom characters, and modified already existing characters with special paint jobs, custom sound, or animatronic tweaks. We first encourage you to browse through our extensive online store to see if we have a design or character to suite your needs, and if you still can’t find what you looking for contact us about to get a quote on our custom design work.

1. Design Services

We work with some of the best artists, designers, and sculptors in the industry and we can bring your idea to life! We have designed and created custom characters, animatronics, props, masks & displays for haunted houses, theme parks, water parks, haunted hay rides, stage shows, schools, Halloween events, and individuals. Browse through our already existing catalog to get an idea of what we do and then contact us by email with a detailed description of your idea or direction. We will be happy to give you a quote.

2. Modifications

Often we can modify an already existing product we have in our large catalog to fit your needs in order to save time and money. There is an additional charge for all modifications so please contact us for a quote at

3. Custom paint jobs

We offer custom paint jobs on most of our products for an additional charge. Blacklight paint is also an option on many of our creations.

4. Custom sound

Custom professional sound tracks can also be recorded for your specific event. Email us for custom sound pricing.