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Halloween Animatronics

Distortions manufactures and sells a huge vareity of scary Halloween animatronics for haunted attractions, yard haunts, and Halloween events. High quality and durable these Distortions animatronics are amazing!

Mr. Bubblebarf Gargoyle Mr. Bubblebarf Gargoyle
New Ships 3-4 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2759
Mr. Bubblebarf Fat Gargoyle Animatronic Mr. Bubblebarf is a funny Halloween and theme park animatronic that belches bubbles and fog. He talks, moves his eyes, and blows bubbles with fog. An impressive animatronic for your event that will have your guests entertained and laughing. Kids l..
Rabid Shock Rabid Shock
New Pre-Order
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2490
Rabid Shock  Rabid Shock is a Shocktronic by Distortions Unlimited and is perfect for haunts and attractions that need a great scare. This rabid woman shock is savage and will have your guest screaming at the top of their lungs! Part actor and part animatronic, it's a Shocktronic! The animatro..
Shock & Awe Illusion Shock & Awe Illusion
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2483
Shock and Awe Cut Off Head Illusion Amazing beheading illusion! Shock & Awe is 40in x 48in x 96in tall Includes killer costume, pneumatic prop, digital control and sound. Requiere AC power, air compressor and actors. ..
Stone Master Gargoyle
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 1926
Stone Master Gargoyle Animatronic The Stone Master Gargoyle is a super impressive, giant animatronic Gargoyle. This is one of our top pieces. The sculpture is a work of gothic horror art! Truly amazing. It is made out of latex and foam with a metal armature. STONE MASTER G..
Swamp Hag
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2752
Swamp Hag animatronic witch. Swamp Hag is bent over, dark and hard to see until she suddenly lifts up to over 6 feet, screeching! Perfect for a Fog Room. Includes digital control & sound and LED light.  Requires AC Power and Air Compressor. ..
Wake up Dead Wake up Dead
Online Only Ships in 2-3 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2802
Wake Up Dead is a bloody frightronic, all electric, animated haunt prop. Just plug her in and she shakes. Includes link to download Frightronic audio track. Great for Halloween and haunted attractions...
Winged Dragon Winged Dragon
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Brand: Distortions Unlimited Model: DU 2738
The Winged Dragon is an impressive dragon animatronic and display. It includes moving wings, head and neck, and opening mouth. Lights simulate fire in the mouth and the eyes glow red. Included fog and digital sound and control. It is approx 8 ft tall to the head and 10 ft tall when wings are up.&nbs..
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