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barrel props, displays and animatronics by Distortions Unlimited. 

Acid Spitter
Ships 3-4 weeks
Model: DU 1963
Amazing animatronic raises from barrel and spits into "acid"(water) in the air. The life-size rotting corpse rises out of the “acid-filled,” 55-gallon drum, before unleashing an “acid” spray into the air...
The New Spew
Ships 3-4 weeks
Model: DU 1962
New Spew Puking Animatronic New Spew animatronic by Distortions vomits into a barrel. ..
Vomit Barrel
Ships 3-4 weeks
Model: DU 1818
Vomit Barrel! Gross! Man pukes in a barrel! ..
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