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Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence
Brand: Distortions Unlimited
Product Code: DU 15003
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Body of Evidence Escape Room Prop

This is our escape room and haunted attraction prop "Body of Evidence." There are 6 different body parts, 2 legs, 2 arms, a torso and head. When you stick the body parts on to the electromagnets it plays a different audio program for each part. When all six parts on it starts a program and the body falls to the floor, one body part at a time. That creates a dry contact that could trigger things such as a book case doorway opening, a black light shining on a secret clue, and audio clue etc. For an escape room you might hide all the body parts and have the group find them placing them on one at a time. Then when all on it could trigger another clue or a way to escape. Comes with audio and lights. AC power required.