UFO Aliens Caught On Tape at Distortions

UFO Aliens have been caught on camera at Distortions Unlimited! Nasa has reported Alien sightings in the Greeley area, 2019. These Martians have come down from space to, Roswell, Area 51, and now Distortions, perhaps for an Alien abduction of the crew. Did they know Ed Edmunds paint room was called the Xenomorph command center? 

These full body standing Halloween Grey Alien Displays are made of latex and foam by Distortions are sculpted by Jordu Schell and produced and hand painted at Distortions Unlimited. “Roswell Alien Display.” They were featured on an episode of Making Monsters on the Travel Channel and now are an attraction at the International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. They are available online. One of the most stunning Alien props you will find! Thats right, UFO Aliens caught on tape!

UFO Aliens Caught on camera at Distortions Unlimited, in Greeley, Colorado.