Monster Lab! How to Make Halloween Masks Tutorial Series

Monster Lab!
How to Make Halloween

We have been releasing Monster Labs for free on Youtube since 2016 and really enjoy helping people make their own Halloween masks and props. If you have not aleady seen it, Monster Lab is an instructional video series that shows you how to sculpt, mold, paint, and create your very own masks and props the “Distortions way.” Ed Edmunds has taught most of the tutorials but we have also featured sculptors Mikey Rotella and Tom Cassidy. We have received a lot of comments and support and Ed is often compared to a Bob Ross.


“If bob ross was superman, this guy would probably be a mix of batman and bizarro” Youtuber comment

“You are so awesome, blunt and descriptive! The concise manner of this tutorial just made me a subscriber forever! You are awesome!!” Youtuber comment

Here are a few of our favorite and most popular Monster Lab episodes. If you enjoy the content please share and subscribe as this helps and encourages us to make more!

In Monster Lab #13 Ed takes you through the making of the Greeley Gremlin and in the process teaches how to 3D characters out of Latex, taking you  through the sculpting, making of a two piece mold, and the painting of the character. We always encourage people to comment and let us know what they want to learn!!